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  • 澳大利亞客戶使用海卓菲后的真實感受









    Hello Waterco
    I am the owner of a hydroxypure pool. We replace our still new Ionizer system with hydroxypure only after 1.5 years of use. Why? My daughter has autism and was seeing a BioMed doctor before during and after Ionizer system. She has a quarterly blood test and hair analysis to track her progress.  We are still seeing a BioMed doctor. Hair analysis showed increasing levels of copper in her body. We were told the pool was "safe" that it container safe levels of copper ions in the water, so we did not think it could be the copper in the pool.  Meanwhile my 1.5 year old son was also seeing the BioMed doctor for a unrelated problem as was I for a thyroid problem. We all had records of hair analysis showing normal levels of copper before Ionizer system and watched the levels skyrocket every three months. My son started developing what we thought was eczema. I started developing swelling in my head and chest which I thought were allergies.
    I'm a healthy adult. My son was completely covered in copper burns. My daughter had 400 the normal amount of copper.  I have hair analysis tests for all 3 of us showing close to normal levels of copper and no eczema or allergy symptoms 9 months after removing the Ionizer system and replacing it with the Hydroxypure. With the Ionizer The pool turned black on the grout areas, which I believe were caused by copper.
    That no longer happens with the hydroxypure. We had our same pool maintenance weekly to check levels were normal.  With Ionizer I frequently had trouble keeping the water clear, it would frequently turn green and had to be rescued by pool Chlorine.
    That has never happened with the hydroxypure.
    I have written to The company and they had the audacity to deny it was their pool depositing copper into our bodies.
    My daughter uses our pool all year round as it's therapeutic for her.
    It has been pure and clear the entire time since we replaced it in January 2014.
    I have hair analysis records and pictures of my sons eczema like burns.
    Please do not recommend Ionizer pool to anyone especially young or older people with health problems.
    I can't say enough wonderful things about hydroxypure, crystal clear pool consistently especially after 8 little toddlers using it weekly. I have a dipping pool and a huge spa which I hear during the colder months. So it's used all the time. My daughter swims two or three times in the summer and at least 5 days a week in the colder months. Our heating bills are stupid high but like I said it therapeutic for my daughter.
    Highly recommend the hydroxypure system.

    Marica Petrovska Garvey
    Mosman. NSW.